Best Calculator Apps For Android To Fulfill Your Math Needs


The calculator app is one of the most useful apps on your phone. Everyone use calculator for making their calculation easy and flawless. Calculators make your daily calculations easier. Your smartphone helps you through the calculator app. Even though the default calculator app in most Android Smartphones today is fairly enriched with features and capable enough to handle a few complex equations.

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By the way, you will find many calculator apps in the market, but in this article, we have excised the top 10 calculator apps. We have excised these apps in a way that are convenient to use and feature-filled. Also, these apps are most rated in the calculator application category

Best Calculator Apps

My script calculator 2

My script calculator 2 allows you to calculate with full accuracy and fun. Instead of entering digits, you can just draw it on your screen and it will recognize them. Even you can also draw mathematical symbols. It is an excellent hands-on and practical application. This application allows the user to make quick calculations.

You would find this application better than the button calculator because you will find yourself more comfortable in writing and drawing mathematical digits. There are lots of trickiest mathematical functions are available in this application. Finally, it is a pretty cool calculator software.

HiPER Scientific Calculator

HiPER Scientific Calculator is a great calculator app for anyone who is looking for a function filled calculator. The amazing thing about this application is that it has three layouts – pocket, compact, and expanded. The first layout is good for small smartphones, the second for medium size smartphones, and the third is for tablets. It is fittable for all types of devices.

There are so many features that are available in this calculator application like derivatives and integrals, the graph of functions, and integral area, complex number, conversion between rectangular and polar coordinates, trigonometric and hyperbolic functions, roots, power, logarithmic, etc.

CalcKit All-in-One Calculator

Now come to our next addition in the top calculator apps list. CalcKit All-in-one calculator is very proficient in calculating problems like electronics, mathematics, finance, and more. you would get over 150 types of calculators. It has a customizable scientific keypad. You will get a freely movable cursor to improve incorrectly entered expressions.

It will give you a floating calculator widget to utilize the calculator floating over other applications on your smartphone screen. The amazing thing about this application is that you could easily create your own calculator. It also provides you a notepad that allows you to easily take notes on the go. 

Calculator by Google

if you are looking for a decent and basic calculator for school and home use then this application is best for you. its wonderful material design with decent and colorful interface makes it stand out from the crowd. It has been created by Google, so there is no scope for any shortage.

This application allows you to perform basic calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division along with some advanced operations like a logarithmic, trigonometric, and exponential function. It is for a simple requirement not for higher capabilities. The best thing about this application is that it is free and very convenient to use.


Now come to our next addition in the top Calculator application list. Photomath allows you to check homework, learn math, and study for an upcoming test with just in a snap. Photomath allows you to take pictures of the problem and then choose between multiple methods after that Photomath would give you the step by step result.

The wonderful thing about this application is that Photomath would give you the word problem explanations, no internet required for basic calculation, multi-functional scientific calculator, interactive graphs, and much more.  


Calculator++ is another wonderfully designed calculator application for Android. it is one of the most rated applications in the play store. It has generally two layouts, standard and engineer.  Standard mode allows you to make basic calculations along with multi-digit support. In the engineer mode, you can make the advanced, and trickiest calculation like an exponential equation, logarithmic equation, power, etc.

The good thing about this application is that it offers automatic solutions so that you can quickly get the solution. Another amazing thing about this application is its floating widget which allows you to use the app on the top of another application.


Scaler is not only a calculator it is a powerful math engine and math scripting language that allows users to write and script. Actually, it is much more than a calculator. It is packed with standard and scientific calculators. Scaler is very innovative and useful. It is a very advanced application.

Its features include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and advanced calculation like logarithmic, exponential, power, and much more. the extraordinary thing about this application is its capability to draw a graph of any given equation. It is easy to use and free.

Desmos Graphing Calculator

If you are looking for software that is intelligent of quickly plotting any equation on a graph, then Desmos Graphing Calculator is your best. Desmos allows you to plot any type of graph-like polar, Cartesian, and parametric graphs.

It is the best graphing calculator, it has a very good rating on the play store. In this application, you just have to select the type of graph you want to draw and input all values after that it will give you a solution. Overall it is the best graphing software. Desmos is free to install and easy to use.

Calculator Plus

Calculator Plus is beautifully designed for Android by DigitalChemy, LLC. Nowadays it is a very famous calculator application. It can do all the basic calculations very quickly and proficiently. It offers a memory feature, in which it stores its previous calculations.

Calculator plus is for basic calculation like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and some advanced calculation like exponential, logarithmic, power, and much more. it is one of the most rated applications in the play store. Its convenience makes it special.


Now come to our next wonderful application GeoGebra. As the name indicates GeoGebra mainly focuses on solving the graph functions. Geogebra is developed by the international GeoGebra institute for Android. GeoGebra allows you to calculate calculus, statistics, geometry, and algebra.

In this application, it is very easy to create a graph and shapes with just a little amount of effort. GeoGebra allows you to plot function like polar and parametric curves. Save and share your result with your colleagues. It is free to install and easy to use.


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