Top 10 Animoji Apps For Android And iOS

From emoticons to emojis, we have passed through different variations technology has to offer to make conversing over distance much easier. Our lack of emotions in written words is easily filled by fun and relatable miniatures which help maintain the flow of our conversations. Originally developed for iPhone X, Animoji has become quite popular and is now demanded by android users as well.

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If anything could’ve made expression over texts easier and entertaining, its Animoji. We are here with some of the best Animoji apps out there, for you to experiment and interact within your social network by animated emojis which can even mimic your facial expression or even use your own face instead.

Top 10 best Animoji Apps for Android and iOS


Radiate your uniqueness and creativity by creating avatar and cartoon emojis through avatoon.  Not merely limited to creating avatars, this app allows you to create stickers and emojis as well, which are personalized. 

Its various features like facial recognition, picture editor, snapshots, customisation, personalisation and styling give you full access to experimentation and ways to explore your creativity.

An upgrade to your usual and mundane interactions, Avatoon fulfils every checklist for one of the best Animoji app. By gong one step further, it even lets you insert your avatar in a real life photo with the use of its photo editor tool. 

Among other features, the avatars or animated emojis you create are not just there for you to see, but are shareable across different social media platforms with ease. Bring yourself alive with Avatoon.


Bring your A game in chatting with Bitmoji, a popular and easy to use Animoji app for android and iOS users. 

With the help of an already existing library of themes, you can create quite expressive cartoon emojis which will make your chatting experience more fun. This app also creates a collection of your personalised avatars and stickers, easing your use.

An interesting feature of Bitmoji, when being used in Snapchat, lest you create two person animojis, featured by your friends and you. Create, express and share at absolutely no cost!


Another app to rouse entertainment in conversations, here we present Mirror. Compatible with devices like Samsung, Google Pixel, Huawei etc, this app lets you personalise your entire keyboard stickers. 

Share smart stickers and GIFs across all social media platforms with ease. It has various features, providing its users with varied choices to exploit.

It displays a Decide Wheel, to facilitate your decision making, the results of which are also shareable. The basic sticker creating is levelled up by Mirror suggesting you emoji predictions, maintaining the flow of your chatting experience. 

For the trendsetters and trend followers, this app even contains a collection of meme stickers, which work well with a variety of styles like pixel art, line, 3D, anime and even allowing you to create a caricature using a picture.

Note: The latest version lets you buy merchandise along with your avatar.


Funnily enough, even coronavirus has made its way through to the virtual world in the form of emojis and animojis. 

Presenting you with varies choices to express the common phrases of everyday, Emojidom is another app doing simply that. You may use the app to send stickers across various platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Skype and other chatting applications.

From showing anger, sadness, happiness to sarcasm, broken heart and saying good morning and good night, Emojidom has at least thirty stickers and GIFs to make communication much easier. 

Few new animojis like coughing, eating chocolate, watching TV are constantly added upon various updates.

Face Cam

Bringing another popular Animoji app to get your creative juices flowing on Instagram or Snapchat and other such platforms to raise your popularity, Face Cam is a personalised 3D avatar creator along with face mojis and then letting you share them as well.

Choose and create the best avatars as per your personality and style statement, with carefully selected details like skin tone, hairstyle and colour, or even eye colour for that matter. 

You can also shoot and share videos, and apply various filters already existing in the app. Offering two people facemoji, this feature lets you even create multiple avatars for your family and friends, whenever and wherever you want.


Not limited to avatars, bemoji also lets you create stickers and facemojis, personalised ofcourse. With features varying from creating to sharing, this is one of the best Animoji apps available. 

Bring yourself alive in the form of 3D avatars within your social circle and access the sticker keyboard to send out your cartooned version through snapchat, whatsapp, facebook or other such platforms.

With all the rage around gaining more followers and raising popularity, you can put its shareability to good use by creating fun and interesting posts on all your various social media handles. 

These avatars you create could also be used by you to edit your photos and create memojis as well. With various features to keep you occupied and satisfied, Bemoji is definitely a must try.


MojiPop is one of the easiest Animoji apps for you to try; simply take a selfie, the app converts them into stickers which you can then use however and whenever you want in any number of conversations. 

Don’t let your words do all the talk, click, animate and entertain. With an access to all your stickers through your camera and keyboard directly, fun has never seemed easier. 

In addition to the above, there is no need for you to change formats to use the stickers and caricatures and neither do you need to download it on your advice, you can share it among your friends and family using the same app.

Note: if you wish to use MojiPop keyboard, you must select from your system panel, under settings. Secondly, the app does not have any control over apps which do not support GIFs as they cannot be of any hep if the stickers are received as still images.


In another world of imagination, android and iOS users have a chance to explore limitless possibilities to express and recreate themselves through Zepeto. 

From personalisation to gaming, this app offers so much more than just animated emojis or stickers. Being an interactive app, it gives you with an opportunity to explore this fictional and imaginary world of their making and interact with their existing friends or even create new friends along the way.

Unveil your creative skills here and create your own maps of possibilities, personalise yourself through avatars using clothing, make up or hairstyles and chat and share within the app as well as join group with users you interact. Use the tools of at your disposal and make the best out of your Zepeto experience.

Disney Emoji Blitz

For all the Disney, star wars and Pixar lovers out there, Disney Emoji Blitz is meant for you. The teenage princesses are sure to love the in-games and collect the various emoji stickers from movies like Zootopia, Finding Dory, The Little Mermaid and even Cinderella!

Play games and collect rewards in the form of stickers, emojis and items of Disney, star wars and pixar characters. 

You can even challenge friends playing along with you and participate in the special events and daily challenges of the app based on different characters like Beauty and the Beast, Gaston Villain Event etc.

Note: most of the features and  in-games of the app are free of cost but you do have an option to purchase more games if you wish to. You can disable this feature in settings if you wish to limit the in-app features.


Another Animoji app to make the list is Aivatar, allowing you to create personalised stickers to share. As easy it is to click selfies, so is turning them into cute and funny stickers and animating them in turn to transform them into animojis. 

Attach these stickers to your existing camera roll as well, and discover a new way to express your emotions.

Sharing being the main priority after creating, this app holds no bars in this matter. Communicate via messenger, telegram, snapchat or even whatsapp with ease using your customised avatars and stickers.

Note: if you wish to get access to unlimited stickers, you are required to purchase its subscription which has auto-renewal mode on. 

If you don’t wish to continue the subscription further, you can turn off auto-renewal from your account settings.


So, if you are someone who is enthusiastic about trying new trends and animated emojis is something you’ve always wanted to use to impress, the above list is sure to provide you with ample of choices. 

Catalogued as some of the best Animoji apps, this choice of selection will prove quite useful to our fellow android and iOS users, ranging from creating and sharing stickers only to participating in the in-built games as well.

Animate your feels and let them do the talk.


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