Top 10 Best Auto Clicker Apps For Android And iOS

In the 21st century, there is almost nothing as impossible. Especially if you talk about stuff you can do at the ease of your own smart phones, the list is endless.

One such modification is offered by Auto-Clicker system. It provides an algorithm or an automation system to perform numerous clicks at specified points, within a very short time interval. Such apps or programs are designed to produce faster clicks than the normal human clicks- and ultimately is way faster too.

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While a lot of apps have to offer the potential with almost the same features and specifications, here we have collected the 10 best auto clicker apps for both- android as well as iOS users.

10 Best Auto Clicker Apps:

#1 Auto-Clicker: Tapping

Being available for android as well as ios, this one is a pretty popular choice among users.

It comes with a super easy user interface and configuration system. The app lets you pre decide on the frequency, time-interval and timer of the clicks. The app also supports multi-point clicking.

The auto clicking system in this app uses audio and visual assistance to show you how the app works during the few initial uses. Later on, these graphics can be hidden.

It makes itself available in the home menu for easy access.

#2 Auto-Clicker: Automatic Tap Pro

The next best app is the Auto-Clicker: Automatic Tap Pro. It also brings with itself an interface that is really easy to follow along. It even offers instructions in the first few uses of the app.

The app needs to know the number of taps to be done, the points to be tapped and the time interval between two taps. On gaining such information it quietly works in the background.

One unique feature of the app is that it lets you add a set of clicks to your favorites so you don’t have to reprogram it again and again. Such codes can also be run offline.

#3 Easy Touch: Auto Clicker

This app aims at bettering your entire experience of working with a auto clicker automation. It offers to produce clicks through its algorithm just like every other auto-clicking app. What it also offers is to move certain items on screen through instructions.

The app takes some time to get the user used to it, but comes up as a worthy time investment. The app also supports multi-point clicking and can be well used offline.

Easy touch has a unique feature of screen locking: performing the tasks without blocking your screen.  It even lets you delay the start of taps by using the Timer function.

#4 Auto-Clicker: Automatic Tapping, Easy Touch

The next up in the list is a smart app for your smart phone. This one recognizes the windows size and finds the buttons to be pressed proportionately.

Auto-Clicker: Automatic Tapping has a lot more to offer than general clicks at specified points. It is also capable of double clicking or holding the buttons down for you. It is not a difficult one to get used to.

#5 Auto-Clicker: Auto Tapping


This one also brings an instructions list with itself making it super easy to understand and use.

The app majorly asks for the kind of function you wish to perform for example a click, double tap, hold or gesture. Further you need to specify the points of contact and the time interval between the two functions. This creates a set of instructions for the app to perform.

One can choose to stop the running at any time.

#6 Auto Clicker- Automatic Clicker and Tapper

Be it taps, gestures or double taps- Auto Clicker got it all covered.

The app offers a great level of configuration available. The users may alter the kind of function, the point of touch, the time interval between two actions and the duration for the activity to continue.

It even lets you control the duration of contact. The program you design is saved to your history, to save your time.

#7 Auto Clicker- Super fast tapping

The app has a pretty design and an easy user interface to get you working.

Once you specify the point of touch, the shape of touch and the speed or frequency of it, you are good to go. The app runs in backgrounds without even hinting a viewer. This feature makes it highly favored by all the gaming people.

It is also a light weight app, helping you maintain a healthy storage in your phone.

#8 HabiTap

The app has a simple installation system. Precisely, it does not require rooting your phone for its set up.

Just like every other app, it asks for the point of contact, the time interval and duration. The best part about the app is that it allows you to make two taps on the screen at the same time.

The app is also a clean one. It runs in the background making way for your other tasks in a neat manner.

#9 Auto-Clicker

For beginners who need proper assistance and control over the functioning at the same time, this one is a gem.

The app asks for the basic instructions, however, you may even leave it to the app to figure it out by itself! It is a popular choice among internet surfers and gamers.

The app is lightweight, and super easy to configure and understand.

#10 Automatic Tapping- Auto Clicker

The app is a go-to choice for the gamers and online surfers due to its periodic repetitions’ setting. Tell the app the kind of click to be performed- single, double or hold. Then mention the points to be contacted. The app does the rest for you!

All your programs are saved to the history, for easy access and repetition. With a great interface and design, the app comes up as one of the best apps for automated clicking in smart phones.


With an ever increasing need of automation systems, auto-clicker mechanisms are also a need of the hour. Whatever app you choose, can be used well if you understand it at its best.

The apps in the list above offer almost the same features with slight modifications to their ease of accessibility and interface. Every app is faster than the usual human speed yet it is all about the instructions given by you.


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