Top 10 Best Apps to Watch Anime Offline In 2021!

Imagine having power to kill anyone by writing their names and someone outsmarts you to pin your location down to a city. This scene transition to one of the best introduction of a character you’d probably see in all the fictions.

 Combine with that some god tier animation and a soundtrack to keep you on the edge of your seat is what I would describe the first two episodes of Death Note as and you are not ready for the psychological and philosophical non action battle between these two character that is to come forward. That’s what comes to mind when I think about anime.

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We are here to provide you a path to reach out the best places where you can enjoy each and every bit of entertainment related to the world of Anime. We are presenting you the top 10 best application to watch online and offline as well

Top 10 Best Apps to Binge Watch Anime

Amazon Prime Video

Prime VideoAmazon Prime is one of the most hooked application for Anime and it is all because of the options provided to all the passionate anime viewers.

Prime has a complete range from AKIRA to Made in Abyss. Amazon Prime can be easily available on Play store for both the android and IOS users. 

You have to purchase the subscription for a minimum amount of 129 per month and the plan extends according to your time, money and convenience. 

You can also download the shows and watch them offline. Regarding the quality, it will provide you HD quality experience for your shows.



CrunchyrollIt is an American distributor , publisher , production and licensing company for anime having anime awards on their names known as Crunchyroll anime awards. 

With over 100 million users , the company also focused on streaming manga and dorama. 

One of the recent crunchyroll originals are In/Spectre and Tower of God. The app provides you latest episode of any new series within one hour of its release. 

If you are new to crunchyroll , you will get 14 days free trial and for the unlimited access you have to take the subscription.


NetflixNetflix is one of the best choice for not just anime but any kind of cinema or storytelling. 

Since we are talking about anime , Netflix is always upfront to provide some mesmerizing masterpieces like Pokemon , Naruto , Hunter and many more. 

With a free trail of one month and after than one would have to take the subscription for the access according to her/his convenience . also , you can create 5 profile with a single account so that you can share this beautiful experience with your family and friends.


HIDIVEFor the streaming of newest anime series straight from japan like domestic girlfriend , the promised neverland , and BanG dream , HIDIVE is one of the best option. 

With some new simulcast titles every season , HIDIVE is an ever going collection of dubs . 

HIDIVE is free of cast and you can download directly with play store

Anime Lab

Anime LabWith over 718 shows and movies across 32 genres Anime lab is the thing for you. It lets you stream scores of anime titles for free . 

If anime of your choice doesn’t feature on the catalogue , need not worry , you can make a special request for it. 

You also get to link your account with devices such as Samsung , apple TV , chrome cast and many more.

Retro Crush

Retro CrushRetro Crush is for you if you wish to watch classic anime along with first time English release , most importantly it requires no subscription and is free to stream . 

It telecast all sort of categories from action to sweet shoujo anime , advertisement here is minimal and rarely distracts you of content. There is also web version which is easily navigable.


FuminationWith some extraordinary licensed popular series such as Dragon Ball, Attack on Titans , Assassination Classroom etc. , funimation is the greatest collection of dubbed anime movies. 

With a free trail of 14 days and extended anytime for a continuity of this experience . 

The video quality is also good and can be connected with multiple devices as well like Smart TV etc.


CONtvCONtv is a good alternative where you don’t just find anime but also several comics for you to watch. 

Its catalogue is humongous with all sort of anime and also its one of the best movie downloading app. 

It has a very simple user interface and is free to use but it also has the premium version where you can use chrome cast and also get rid of advertisement and even unlock several extra content . 


HULUHULU with is latest addition of offline viewing is an excellent anime watching experience . 

The app comes with 100 and more TV shows , originals , pat seasons and what not. 

The app also makes an additional option for you to watch live TV , Sports and news. You can create upto 6 profiles over here . you always get personalize recommendations but offline viewing is limited for paid subscribers. 


MUBIMUBI is one of the best ways is you wish to download and play excellent anime movies . 

The app instills a great cinema watching experience , no matter when what where , the app comes with a trial free for a week.
This allows you to watch one movie per day though the premium subscription brings you a magnitude of anime titles covering several genres , it has the dynamic movie line up , changing daily thus if you wish to be in a loop for any show , download it immediately. 

You get to rate review and watch content offline as well. 


To sum up , these are some of the best applications on your play store which could assist you in enhancing your anime watching experience. This gazette is for anime lovers parched for a good source to entertain them and bring them content of their liking entertainingly served. 

To give the utmost attention of what a creator do ,it is the responsibility of the viewer to appreciate them and review then and I hope these words helps you people to guide in this process.


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