Best App lockers For Android Smartphones In 2021!!

The best thing about the Android ecosystem is that you can get the majority of apps for free. 

Here is our recommendation for the best app lockers for Android, which can help you add another layer of security and further secure the data stored on your Android device.

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All of the app lockers we’ve looked at below will give you a range of security options including template, pin, and password to protect any app.

Best App Lockers for Android

Applock by DoMobile

AppLock by DoMobile LabAppLock by DoMobile Lab is one of the oldest players in the app locking game and hands down one of the best app locks the Android ecosystem has seen. It has a lot of features to offer and also includes a theme store.

AppLock can also offer additional security through the helper app, which makes it quite secure. With additional security “enabled”, it prevents any attempt to uninstall or force shutdown the application.

The list of features doesn’t end here. It comes with a built-in safe to hide your private media files.

 The safe passed our security test and we were unable to get the media file, but we were able to remove them, but that would not have been possible without knowing if the app exists on the device, that you can hide using the app itself.

Avast Antivirus Mobile Security & Virus Cleaner by Avast Software

Avast Antivirus Mobile Security & Virus Cleaner by Avast Softwareyou are looking for an app that does it all, Avast Antivirus is the one you need to install on your Android smartphone.

This not only gives us the functionality to lock apps and media files, but it also gives us extra security as it is one of the best known antivirus and security programs.

Avast also offers you a VPN service to protect your privacy as well as the anti-theft lock that locks your phone in case of theft.

The downside is that, being an antivirus program, it doesn’t offer as many features as other app lock apps, but it gets the job done

AppLock fingerprint by SpSoft

 AppLock fingerprint by SpSoftAppLock Fingerprint takes a lean approach to app size fingerprint.

If the other two apps are too big for you, you can try this one as it includes most of the app lock features except some features like hide app and get it back on the go. using the numeric keypad or the browser URL.

This AppLock app not only shares similarities with other apps in the list, but also offers its features like scalable pattern lock, fingerprint lock, multiple passwords for different apps.

It also offers a feature to lock the screen with its lock in case you find it to be safer or better looking compared to the stock screen locker.

Perfect AppLock (App Protector) by Morrison Software

 Perfect AppLock (App Protector) by Morrison SoftwareBeyond a conventional app locker, Perfect AppLock ticks all the boxes to be one of the best lock and privacy apps.

It comes with features like intruder detection, automated locking based on location or connected device, safe, preventing forced uninstallation and forced closing of the app. 

The thing that separates this app lock from other apps is the ability to control settings like screen rotation, screen filter, and screen brightness for individual apps.

The downside to Perfect AppLock is that the free version comes with ads and doesn’t have other cool features like app brightness and rotation control. Aesthetically, the application is kept simple and mainly adapts to the user’s wallpaper for the lock screen.

Lock App Smart App Locker by Anuj Tenani

 Lock App Smart App Locker by Anuj TenaniLock App Smart App Locker is a locker app that has taken a much lighter approach.

It’s completely free, which means unlike the other apps we reviewed above, this app is ad-free, has a small app size, and consumes a very low battery.

We highly recommend this app for people who are looking for a simple app locking experience but stay away because they fear degraded performance.

However, due to such a downsizing approach; the number of key features offered in the app is quite limited. It does not come with the media safe and anyone can easily terminate or uninstall the app using settings.

MaxLock Xposed App Locker by Maxr1998

MaxLock Xposed App Locker by Maxr1998If you are a power user and have root and Xposed module configured on your Android device, MaxLock is the app locker for you. Since the app depends on the Xposed module, it puts less strain on the system and is a more powerful app locker than other options.

It’s also completely ad-free and bloat-free with several powerful app locking mechanisms.

The downside to the app is that it doesn’t come with the media safe; however, it makes up for this missing feature by providing other unique features like Tasker support as well as the ability to disable the app from appearing in the recent apps list.

The app also has a non-Xposed version for devices without root, but it is less powerful and overshadows the true potential of the app.

Oops! AppLock by Keybotivated

Oops! AppLock by KeybotivatedOops AppLock might be the only app lock in this list because it doesn’t use conventional password or pattern authentication methods.

The app uses hard key combinations for authentication i.e. volume keys.

You can configure a custom lock screen to hide the app lock status. The app hides quite well and prevents itself from being forcibly killed or uninstalled. 

Unfortunately, the app doesn’t come with any additional functionality, nor does it have a secure media safe.

AppLocker Lock Apps Fingerprint, PIN, Pattern by BGNmobi

 AppLocker Lock Apps Fingerprint, PIN, Pattern by BGNmobiBGNmobi’s AppLocker takes a more colorful approach. It focuses on customization, but is not in the feature list and can also be terminated easily from settings.

The cool thing about this app lock is that it gets the job done and offers customization without the complicated stuff.

If you want a colorful and highly customizable app locker that doesn’t consume a lot of resources or put a lot of strain on system resources, this is the app locker you should have on your Android device.

Security Master Antivirus, VPN, AppLock, Booster

 Security Master Antivirus, VPN, AppLock, Booster It was originally known as CM Security, is a callback and anti-virus app that also provides app lock feature, which works as a privacy protection so that no one can access to your private data, including photos.

Security Master is a must have app for people who use the reminder app for Android. Besides, it also has a built-in VPN.

Its app lock feature adds a new layer of security to protect your apps with password, PIN, pattern or even fingerprint.

Smart AppLock (App Protect)

 Smart AppLock (App Protect)Smart AppLock aims to improve and enhance privacy through app locking. It can lock call logs, gallery, and even incoming calls so that no one but you can attend the calls. 

On top of that, it has a beautiful user interface with a lot of customization including custom lock screen style, custom lock screen background.

Smart AppLock also includes an intruder detection and lockout policy with the ability to set a custom time. The comes with ads and can be killed by the system, but when you restart your phone, the app will start without any delay.


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