Top 10 AntiVirus Apps For Android


If you really think, smart phones have made it possible for everyone to operate a computer at the ease of their fingertips. Thanks to the technological advancement, you don’t need an entire desktop system to perform a calculation, browse the internet or even prepare a word document or excel sheet. A smart phone would do using Best Antivirus Apps.

Keeping in mind the great utility of smart phones, it becomes important to consider the threat of viruses in your phones. An android system is equally prone to viruses and malwares as a windows operating system.

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Users are generally familiar with anti-virus softwares available for windows. However, an anti-virus app to protect your android phone against malicious programs is also a much needed call. Here, we have enlisted the top 10 antivirus apps for android. Such apps might slightly vary in features, but all are well suited to protect your pocket friend.

Top 10 Antivirus Apps For Android

360 Security

360 Security

This one is the best antivirus app for android which is loaded with features and has no cost involved. 360 Security offers complete protection of your android device against all kinds of menaces.

The app allows the users to scan files, apps or games in the device. It can be used if you are using software like Hamachi It has a feature to work in real-time providing protection even when your screen is locked. A safe surfing experience is also assured.

360 Security comes with an anti-theft feature as well- making it easy for you to locate a lost phone. What is more is that is also comes with a built in app lock system to save your data from peeping eyes as well!

Avast Mobile Security

Avast Antivirus

Avast is a well heard name if you talk about anti-viruses. Being very popular among the desktop users, it also makes a great choice for the android users as well.

The app has two versions- basic and pro. The basic version has all the features to offer legitimate protection to your device. 

Such features include the scanning function that allows you to scan a set of files, app or games, the real time protection system and the ability to update itself.

The Avast app also lets you enable the anti-theft mechanism. The best part about the app is that it even lets you scan the available wifi networks before connecting to them.

The pro version is paid, and has other additional features like remote data recovery, remote SMS, geo-fencing, ad detection, and app locking.

Max cleaner

Security Antivirus

Anti-virus apps are not boring and Max Cleaner is here to prove that. The app has a beautiful layout and a neat interface making it one of the best antivirus apps available.

It does protect your phone against various viruses, sypwares and malwares, but what it also does is that it pre-scans the webpages or apps before you visit them, and flash a warning in case anything is suspicious.

The app also has a feature of letting you clean cache files with one tap. This significantly improves your device’s performance by freeing up memory.

AVG Anti Virus Security

AVG Antivirus

The next up is a powerful tool that runs in the background to protect you and your device from unwanted viruses and programs. Just like other famous anti-virus apps, this one also offers a great barrier to the malwares and spywares wanting to be spread.

Apart from that the app brings with itself an anti-theft feature to remotely lock your phone in case you have lost it. It even lets you set up an app lock to protect your data.

As a bonus feature, the app has a Camera Trap system which clicks a picture of the person who tries to unlock your mobile phone. Also You can try some Hidden Camera detector apps.

McAfee Security and Power Booster

McAfee Security

Another very famous name in the world of anti-viruses is McAfee. Just like its desktop version, the android version is available in free as well as a paid mode.

The app offers the basic data protection and scanning features, website scanning, app scanning and cache cleaning functions. 

Apart from these, it offers the advanced functions of remote locator, anti-theft locking and wi-fi scanning to make your device completely safe to use. Overall, it effectively improves the device performance.

Malwarebytes Security


Malwarebytes Security is a popular choice among all android users since a long time, when majority of the apps had not even entered the market. It offers a 360 degree protection of all apps, data, chats, surfing and cleaning and cache regularly.

The app has comparatively many features despite being completely free to use. You can easily stay secure while using chat apps like Signal.

Among the many features, one worth mentioning is the app lock- which not just offers an option among fingerprint, pattern and pin to set the lock, but even clicks pictures of people who try to crack the code.

Norton Security and Antivirus


Norton is a major developer of antivirus softwares for all kinds of devices. It is a highly trusted source, making the Norton Security and Antivirus one of the best android anti-viruses available.

The app offers real time protection and anti theft locking system. It also brings with itself a cleaner to remove cache and unused files to improve the productivity of the device as a whole.

The free version is enough for the protection needed on a daily use basis.



This one in the list is a great app for those who find themselves lost among a complicated user interface. The app features the basic functions of all antivirus apps.

The functions include a real time protection mechanism, a device locator, a remote anti-theft device locking system and a protected internet surfing experience.

Lookout offers a backup for all your data so that in case it slips off a virus, you can format the phone and still have all the data intact.

Eset Mobile Security and Antivirus

ESET Mobile Security

The developers of the Nod32 for desktops, present the Eset Antivirus for android systems.

The app is very reliable, even if you take a look at the stats of the same. The users are quite satisfied with its usage.

The app again, presents all necessary features to protect your device against malicious softwares like a real time protection system, a scanning mechanism and a cleaning function. 

Overall, it is a great app to make your usage even better.



The app is the most precise antivirus app available for android. It does exactly what an antivirus should do- no more, no less.

The app has two major features. Firstly it scans all the data in your device, even when you are freshly installing something. It makes sure that no data gets affected in any way. Secondly, it provides a feature to keep your device cache free.

Lastly, it even works on a real time basis, providing a surety of safety. It would keep your phone safe even while using Screen Mirroring Apps.


While operating any kind of device, ensuring a safe experience is very important.

Considering the rising attacks of hackers and greater danger of viruses and malwares, it has become almost necessary for a device to have an anti-virus system.

With dozens of them available to download, it is very important to choose a reliable one. Additional features are just the cherry on the cake.


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