Top Android Emulator For PC Gaming

Android is running the most powerful and popular operating system in the current scenario. Its proprietary approach has opened up avenues for many app developers, giving Android users access to a world of useful apps. 

This not only helps them to explore the features of their mobile device more in depth, but also to personalize their experience to their liking.

To make more use of the Android platform, you can extend it to include your personal computer (Windows or Mac) using Android Emulators . 

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With the rise of Android apps, you gain Emulation software which is turning attractive every day. 

While these programs can be used for entertainment purposes with your apps on your computer, you can also use them to test the new app as a developer before it is released. 

There can be many causes and therefore these Emulators are very popular these days. Here is a complete list of Best Android Device Emulators For Windows Computers in 2020

Top Android Emulator for PC gaming

MEmu – The Android emulator for game fans

memuWith the help of the “MEmu Emulator” you can simulate an Android environment on your PC and use popular apps and games such as “Clash of Clans” or Snapchat on your Windows 10 desktop. 

The tool offers a program interface as you know it from most Android smartphones or tablets. In addition to the usual features, it also has a whole range of practical special functions.

For example, inputs such as typing, swiping or tilting can be replaced by freely selectable key combinations or controlled using the mouse. You can also take screenshots with a click or change your (virtual) GPS location if necessary.

When you start the program for the first time, you will receive an illustrated introduction to the most important functions. 

You can then log into your Google account as usual and (just like on your mobile phone) download content from the Play Store or, alternatively, install APK files.


NOX App Player

noxThe “Nox App Player” is also a free emulator for Android. Its developers do not rely on the very latest Android version, but it is still sufficient for most games and apps. 

The program starts directly in full-screen mode and can be conveniently operated using a toolbar on the right-hand side of the screen. You can use it to regulate the volume or take screenshots, among other things.

With NoxPlayer you don’t get the very latest Android, but it is still sufficient for most games and apps.

The tool also has some practical additional features, such as the screencast function, which you can use to record videos of your apps , or the GPS feature, with which you can fool the apps into any desired location.

You can download new apps and games directly from the Google Play Store or, alternatively, use APK files for installation. 



andyIf you like it simple, then the “AndY Android Emulator” is exactly the right thing for you. Immediately after installation, you have a full Android system including a Google Play Store connection that you can set up like a normal smartphone or tablet.  

The virtual machine of the ” AndY Android Emulator ” is based on the VirtualBox from Oracle . This has the advantage that you don’t have to choose between Android and Windows during the boot process. Instead, the emulator starts in its own window on your desktop . 

You make the entries using a mouse, keyboard or a touchscreen (with multi-touch support if required). Cameras or microphones connected to the computer can also be used .

You control the additional functions of the “AndY Android Emulator” with the so-called “Launcher” tool. Here you can create backups, make changes to the resolution or specify the number of CPU cores. 

The tool is also able to access the local file system, which makes file exchange and the installation of APKs much easier.



blue stacksThe main advantages of BlueStack are that it allows multitasking that is user can chat on WhatsApp while playing the game and Cloud save for all game progress along with OpenGL hardware support is provided.

You also getDeveloper support this is why you can download and install extra features for free

Though the app requires a powerful graphics card and you would require a google account to install it also the developers ask for a minimum 3 GB RAM and 10 GB free space and due to several limitations you cannot take full advantage of the screen resolution apps also the app doesn’t support Telephone controller.


Phoenix OS

phoenixIf you are looking for software that can emulate your Android apps and games from your mobile device to desktop, you can try this app. This program gives you an overall Android experience on a bigger screen.

The main characteristics of the application are that it supports mouse and keyboard and also provides multiple windows while gaming along with a wide range of add-ons, for example, gaming keyboard, keyboards.

It also provides specially developed docks to help you play PUBG games and the application is available in two different versions: PC standard and  for some models.

It helps you launch applications in a window, can be minimized to the taskbar or even adjust the window size.

The application is loaded with MS Office for free, support Evernote or WPS, support email, document writing, etc. Besides, it also offers powerful ad blocking function and unique UA switching function.


Prime OS

prime osIt offers a completely different Android gaming experience on your desktop by providing access to unlimited Android apps from your smartphone. This free program gives you a mixed experience for both PC and Android devices.

Provides the usual taskbar, multi window option, start menu, settings, notification window, option to extend application windows, etc.

Supports multiple tasks with the ability to close, resize, minimize or maximize the application.

It comes with the most popular keyboard shortcuts including win + d, alt + tab, and more and you get an option to disable multi-window mode.

It also provides a DecaPro feature that can connect with mouse and keyboard to operate as game controls and you get predefined mapping of popular smartphone games like PUBG, and much more.



It is a simple program with a simple ideology i.e. to help you simulate Android apps and games from your mobile phone to the desktop and for this the application creates real-time Android environment on your Windows PC.

The most amazing characteristics of the application is that it allows you to test newly designed Android apps on PC (especially for developers) and does this while it emulates the Android console as it is on your Windows system.

The virtual SD card included with payment wallets like Google Wallet and PayPal, or the ability to open Windows files and folders from their environment in real time, among other key features.


Remix OS Player

remix osThe developers potentially looked onto improving the software while they were more inclined towards gaming. 

Remix OS Player is heavily optimized for gaming. Specifically with this vibrant and cool application you can include mapping for keyboard buttons and control the game to your very comfort. 

It is important to note that the emulator doesn’t support AMD chipset and requires Virtualisation Technology enabled in your BIOS. 

The App has a very clean and fresh interface appealing to the users. The emulator has mammoth amount of options for customization of your PC for gaming preference letting the users make most out of the Remix OS.



Android could easily be termed as one of the closest to perfect platform for several apps including games but thenthere is stuff beyond perfect and this is when Emulators come to game.

This is a list of few among the best emulators app in town and i hope this would turn out helpful for people who are intrested in the world of games beyond the tracks of exaggeration.


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