Top 10 Best Adult Game Apps For Android And iOS.


In the 21st century, where technology is advanced enough to treat the elderly, entertain the kids and assist the professionals, why would it not consider the youth and adults?

Be it parties with a “no kids allowed” or just another day in with your other half, games are always a great option to set up the ambience. There exist a number of game apps like that.

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Some of them are multiplayer – to suit party set ups, while many are couple suited and lastly a lot of single player games- for all the fiction fans out there!

Below we have gathered the 10 best adult game apps so the next time you meet, you don’t have to waste time looking for one!

Top 10 Best Adult Game Apps For Android And iOS



iPassion is the best of all couple games. The game involves a quiz-type setting between you and your partner where you are required to answer questions about each other. 

It really helps in the betterment of communication among the two of you and, at the same time, increases intimacy.

The questions asked become more intimate after every question.

Well, the app is also secure such that the questions and the answers remain only between you two.

Truth or Dare X

Truth or Dare

Who goes to a part or a night out and does not play truth or dare? Psst– No one!

The game here Truth or Dare X, brings an exciting freaky twist to the classic game of truth and dare. It has 9 different modes to play on, ranging from a casual setting with friends all up to the prohibited level.

The game play is exactly what truth and dare is like. A bottle is twisted, the person then has to choose among truth and dare. A question is then asked accordingly.

Beware- things might get real crazy if you do not go slow on the drinks!

Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever

The most popular drinking game is now available to download on android!

The game is loved by all the drinking buddies for every kind of setting. It comes with 3 modes – fun, party and dirty.

Fun is the best for casual settings and gigs among coworkers, party is more exciting when with friends and dirty, well, to raise intimacy in the room!

Such configurable modes make the game well suited for all kinds of occasions.

Most Likely To

Most Likely To

The best start to a party is with the game of Most Likely To!

With numerous questions and creative decks, it comes up as a great drinking game which is super entertaining too.

The game has two modes for you to choose and play- the fun mode, for when you are at a party with your friends and an intimate deck for you and your beloved’s private times.

Players are also allowed to create their customized cards and add it to a deck or create a new deck altogether.

Evil Minds

Evil Minds

This one right here is the game of the classic dumb charades, with a pinch of salt like nastiness.

The game involves two or more people playing together and can be played in 2 modes.

One, a player has the screen and gets a word which his friends have to guess. Other where the person holding screen does not see the word, instead guesses the word enacted.

The basic rule is to not say the word directly.

Ready to decode some dirty stuff? Shoot!



The game Chapters is one of the single player games. It involves the player playing the role of the lead character of the story- of your story.

Chapters allows you to choose your own genre, character appearance, story line and most importantly the ending. The decisions you make on behalf of the character influences the story that follows and in turn the climax.

The game involves some quirky themes like that of romance, young adult, fantasy and comedy.



“Life is what you make of it” and especially in this game.

The game Choices offers a wide variety of genres like horror, fantasy, high school romance, comedy, etc. for you to experience.

 Be it hooking up with a random hot stranger or conquering the almighty sword of the castle beyond hills, make your dreams come true with this gem.

Linda Brown

Linda Brown

Step on to the shoes of linda as she explores the city and herself in the game Linda Brown – An Interactive Story.

The game follows the story of linda who has recently broken up with her boyfriend and moved to a new city.

What challenges will she face? Well that’s what the story would uncover. And what would she do? That is completely up to your choices.

Live as linda brown and get ready to witness some really steamy romance and career whirlwinds!



The game Secrets is also an interactive story game, where you choose your characters, their appearances and the genre you want the story to follow. 

What makes it different, however, is that it allows you to manipulate the story by choosing the character you wish to date.

The best thing about the app is that the stories are also LGBTQ friendly. So you have the whole right to preference.

Love Island

Love Island

Have you always wished to be a star of a TV reality show? Good news- it has been granted. Well, not literally.

This game lets you be a participant in the reality TV show “Love island”. Perform your stunts, publicize, and be yourself at heart.

The game gives options to customize the makeover of your character and of course the climax of your story.

What do you look for now? Rock it!


There is no limit to the games available for adult amusement, starting with this very list. From interactive stories to dare games, every game has a memorable experience to offer.

Be it a single player, multiplayer or couple games- every game has something to spice things up!


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